Disclaimer for Elite Sa Courtesans

-  Elite Sa Courtesans is an agency that sell's services in the form of companionship with escorts for a given period of time.

-  Other activities that take place in that period of time are solely a     A result of agreement between two consenting adults, the client      And the escort.

-  All listed escorts on our agency site are independent, choose             their own working hours and work from their private premises           when they are able to accommodate dates.

-  Please note that escorts are free to decline bookings, so as              An agency we can not guarantee availability. It all depends on the    escort's time and availability and consent. We are solely a   booking  agent and Can only book accordingly to the ladies wishes    and with her  Consent only!

-  Money exchanges for time and Companionship will only and             And always occur between the escort and client.

-  Please note that the payment that the agency receives is                   STRICTLY for advertising and marketing services as a booking         Agency service.